About Us

Petcarebase is a website that contains information about the different types of animals that can be kept as household pets. Given the website’s online presence our aim is to provide information to as many people as possible across the globe. Animal pets just like human beings are to be cared for and provided for the best environment, to achieve their full shelf life.

There are many categories of pets, some are outdoor while others are indoor, and therefore, the type of pet that you choose to adopt has to fit within your budget and schedule in the long term. Remember owning a pet involves more than picking it up from the pet store and providing it with a home so that you can play with it. There are vaccination routines that have to be adhered to and feed selection that must offer the necessary nutrients for your pet’s optimal health.

For a long time, there have been restrictions on the categories of pets that one can actually keep; this was primarily because some animals when taken out of their natural habitat did not live for long. However, with research the nature of a wide variety of animals has been brought to light and people can now provide the same environment but in the home setting.

What’s more, the ability to crossbreed different species has led to the development of breeds of animals that are resistant to many diseases and can thus thrive in different climates and environments. To this end, you are not limited to whichever animals that you want to keep as a pet, only that you have to gather all the necessary information prior to adopting one.

And that is where we come in, as a team we do carry out thorough research on different types of animals that can be kept as pets and give you conclusive information on their housing options, feeding and general care. There are types of pets that are good for kids and those that need adult supervision especially the rodent, and outdoor types of pets.

So apart from giving you information on the best type of pet that meets your schedule, we will also provide you with information on how to ensure that your pets lives its best life while in captivity, their unique characters and how best you can help them achieve their full shelf life. In conclusion, Petcarebase is the one resource that will give you conclusive information about your new pet or help you find the right one.