Best parrot flight harness

Best parrot flight harness

Birdcages are essential at certain times, but not every time. They are most useful at night when everyone is retiring to bed or when you have to run errands or go to work. And just like human beings, they do get bored with sitting in one place and in the same environment all day long. Therefore, a stroll every evening or even during the weekends will do them some good.

A bird harness or rather a bird leash, lets you go out with your bird without losing it. And just as walking is important for human health, so is flying essential for the bird’s health, having your bird out in the back yard as you do your chores beats the use of the cages play top. Most cages are made with a play top for when your bird wants to change the environment.

However, the play top is not very convenient for outdoor use and that is why we will discuss the best parrot flight harness that you can adopt for your parrot.

Parrot Flight Harness

Harness Material
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The Best Parrot Flight Harness
Nylon and Steel Parts
Avianweb EZ Greencheek/SMALL Conure Harness & 6ft Leash
Faux leather, elastic cord
AVIATOR Pet Bird Harness and Leash
Features an elastic leash
Beauty Parrot with an Adjustable Bird Harness and outdoor leash
-Strong anti-chew Nylon
The Aviator Bird Harness Leash Extension: 40 foot/12 Meter for Medium or large
-Incorporates Nylon and Rubber shock cords

The Aviator Pet Bird Harness and Leash

A bird harness is not supposed to constrict your Parrot’s movement, if it is small or tight then your bird will be uncomfortable and it wouldn’t be encouraged to go out, or even wear the harness in the first place.


  • Made with a knitted flexible strap material
  • The leash cannot be detached
  • The leash is accompanied by an instructional training DVD
  • Convenient for birds weighing 425-600 grams
  • No stitching for birds to undo

The Aviator Pet Bird Harness and Leash comes in two types one for the small birds, and the other for big birds. A proper fitting leash first has to be light in weight and when putting on, it has to leave a safe distance between the wings and the collar, without slipping off to the wings when in use. And that is the reason why the Aviator leash hugs the neck of the bird and stays on the collar.

The Aviator has incorporated a precise design that prevents the belt from tightening and eventually squeezing the bird when it pulls on it. Parrots are intelligent birds and usually get curious about the minor of details; in that case, they will most likely pull on the stitches that are normally used in the making of the leash.

And that is why the Aviator leash has been assembled by the Ultrasonic welding process, a feature that also obliterates raw and rough edges that might damage the skin of the birds. There have been many incidences where people lose their birds even when using a leash; the detachable leash has a lot to contribute to this type of scenario as it can come off without your knowledge.

Even scarier is that the Parrots will at one point figure out how to detach the leash and fly away. The Aviator harness has thus been constructed with a permanently attached leash for safety, and for the new leash owners, who have no idea on how to use one; an instructional video explaining how to use the different types of harness has been provided.


  • Can be used by different bird species of up to 40 pounds
  • No raw edges to hurt your bird’s skin
  • The collar design of the leash stays away from the neck and the wings
  • Small size leash are light in weight at only 6grams
  • The assembly of the leash is via welding thus no chance of escape


  • Highly-priced


The features of the Aviator pet bird harness and leash are exceptionally functional and comfortable for use, for both the user and the bird thus value for your money is guaranteed.

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Avianweb EZ Greencheek/SMALL Conure Harness & 6ft Leash

The Avianweb EZ sure does need some training before it can be completely utilized by the Conures. The size of the harness and the vest like feature are likely to scare the bird into a panic if forced to put on. However, most parrots when well trained on wearing the harness would bring them to their owners when they feel like they want to go out and putting it on will, therefore, be voluntary.


  • Made from heavy-duty faux leather
  • Also features a comfortable fleece backing
  • Accompanied by a 6ft leash
  • The cord is made of a strong elastic material
  • Can be customized to fit your bird

Unlike other types of leash, the Avianweb features a unique design and has been specially constructed to fit the small conure species that come from the Pyrrhura family. The harness does have a buckle at the side that is dull-colored to divert the attention of the bird and prevent it from playing and eventually opening it.

Putting it on the bird is not easy if the bird is not conversant with the harness but after training, the pet should voluntarily put its head into the head loop. A harness has to be comfortable when worn and that is why the Avianweb EZ has spacious neck accommodation and has also moved away from the bird’s wings.

The cord that remains in your hand as you walk your bird, should always be light and made of durable material, as they tend to deteriorate when exposed to mildew, or the sun’s rays. Utilizing a poor quality material for the cord could make you lose the bird because it will not be able to withstand abrasion and might snap off as you enjoy the nature walks.

Avianweb uses a strong elastic material in the manufacture of the cord that is also mildew resistant and can withstand the sun’s rays while resisting abrasion. Remember parrots can peck through wood and comfortably chew on nuts; therefore a good harness has to incorporate some strong durable materials or risk being chewed up.


  • The Harness is available in different colors
  • The design is escape-proof
  • Installation and use is pretty intuitive
  • Comes in a range of different sizes with leash handle
  • Upon purchase, you get at least five pieces in one package


  • The parrot might reject it or take a lot of time to get accustomed
  • Can be damaged by the parrot’s strong beak


The avian web is a decent leash, with all the correct features to keep your birds safe while enjoying the sun and the smell of the freshly cut vegetation. The tiny problem here is getting your bird accustomed to the leash but once it gets used to it, you can enjoy the evening walks.

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AVIATOR Pet Bird Harness and Leash

The Aviator Pet Bird Harness and leash have been constructed with the necessary specifications to enable the harness to last long and to protect the bird. When using a leash the comfort of your bird should be paramount and this goes for the neck fitting, to how tight it will get when pulled by the bird.


  • Can be used by different bird species
  • Self adjusts during flight
  • Made with a strong secure steel side
  • Features less pressure contact areas
  • Made with an instructional video

The X-small Aviator pet bird harness has been made to cater to birds that weigh from 110-190 grams, such as the Rainbow Lories, Pigeons, Quakers, Parakeets, and the Indian Ringneck. By not including buckles or clips, discomfort is obliterated as the feature tends to press on the bird when in flight. You might be tempted to think that a lack of the buckles and clips makes the harness less effective.

On the contrary, it makes it even more usable, remember that the birds have strong beaks that can easily burrow into any material, so when you include many colorful features it gets carried away and starts digging its way out of the harness. The aviator pet bird harness and leash x-small like others in its family are escape-proof.

It only has one seal on the side that has been powder coated with a black substance to repel attention, and the leash adjusts itself once the bird fits into it. No stitching has been done that can be pulled by the birds; instead, the ultrasonic welding technology has been used to secure the parts into place, so your harness won’t be falling apart when the bird is in flight.


  • Can be used by different species of birds
  • Made with a good quality elastic leash
  • The leash feels comfortable on the neck given the shirt like design
  • Ultrasonic welding technique incorporated for strength
  • Can be custom made with regard to size


  • Price is on the higher side


Harnesses that descend from the Aviator family are always effective, they are intuitive and first-timers have been provided for with an instructional video. Its manufacture does not include buckles that might press against the bird’s skin making it uncomfortable; it is also escape-proof and easy to wear.

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Beauty Parrot with an Adjustable Bird Harness and outdoor Leash

The Beauty Parrot Adjustable Bird Harness comes in multiple colors, but before you get all excited to take your parrot out for a nature walk, train it to wear the leash. The worst thing that can happen when you are out with your pet bird is when it is trying to get itself out of the strange harness on its body and in the process hurts itself.


  • The leash comes at a considerable length of 47.24inches
  • The webbing features a strong nylon material
  • The leash is attractive with bright colors
  • Webbing is chew resistant
  • Strap width is 0.8cm

Harnesses that come with the web design are intuitive and can handle different weights however it depends on the material that has been used to make the leash. An important characteristic of the leash is its ability to resist abrasion; poor quality material will, therefore, irritate your bird’s skin and could become weak when exposed to the UV rays.

The features above are not common with the Beauty Parrot Adjustable Harness; however, the attractive colors might make it hard for you to believe that the leash is indeed durable. The strength of any good product lies in the materials used in its manufacture and for this case the harness has utilized a strong nylon material that is chew resistant.

The leash conforms to the body of the bird when compared to the Avianweb EZ, what’s more, is that it can be used on different bird species such as the Parakeets, and the small birds among others. Its maintenance is quite easy as you can simply machine wash it.

The flying rope allows a good distance between you and the parrot, so even if it gets scared after seeing other pets you can easily move it closer to you or take it away, to a much safer and comfortable environment. The web has been made of lightweight material so it won’t be interfering with your birds breathing, or ruffle up its feathers causing discomfort on its skin.


  • Conforms to the bird’s body and is adjustable
  • Installation is easy and intuitive
  • Construction material is lightweight thus comfortable
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Made with durable and easy to clean material


  • Does not come with an instruction manual so using it might be hard for newbie’s
  • The harness is true to size, so if you don’t get the right fit it may end up being big


The beauty parrot adjustable harness is meant for the outdoors and once your bird learns how to use it, you shouldn’t have a hard time. Its manufacture has incorporated a durable and chew-resistant material so you don’t have to worry about losing your bird.

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The Aviator Bird Harness Leash Extension: 40 foot/12 Meter for Medium or large

The best thing with the Aviator Company is that it can custom make your birds harness, and when using the Aviator leash extension, it allows you to have outdoor fun with the leash attached to your wrist wrap.


  • Leash extension made from nylon material
  • Comes with a strong Aviator Harness wrist wrap
  • The leash can expand 100%
  • Features a small but strong flight extension clasp
  • Gets damaged easily

Many people would want their pets to have maximum fun when outside, which will include having them fly high. For the aviator, you could attach other extensions to achieve the flight height that you want, but remember you risk having your bird perch on a tree or rooftop and if the harness gets damaged you will have to bid your bird goodbye. Besides cord extensions are highly prohibited.

The harness has not incorporated anti-chew material in its manufacture and you, therefore, have to keep a close eye, in case it gets damaged. You can keep two types of harness if the Aviator Bird Harness Leash extension doesn’t suffice.


  • Easy to use
  • The harness is affordable
  • Comes with an attachable wrist wrap leash
  • Suitable for different types of birds
  • Usage is intuitive


  • The material used is not anti-chew
  • The expanding cords can have your bird in the tree or rooftop


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Features to look out for before buying a parrot flight harness

The rule of thumb when it comes to using the parrot harness is to train it before going outside, the joints of the harness that you have chosen to buy should have a good grip and control before you are only left with a dot high up in the sky.

Birds especially parrots get stressed out, so even as you start training it on using the harness, keep the lessons short, because extended time will have your bird mentally fatigued. The material used in making the harness shouldn’t be one that can irritate the bird’s skin. Check on the manufacturer details and keep off knock offs even if they favor your budget.

Check the collar fitting, and the distance of the harness from the feathers of the bird, a constricted bird will try to chew its way out of the harness, so invest in a harness that comfortably fits your bird’s neck before it turns out to be an expensive experience.

Harnesses with too many buckles and clips will be uncomfortable for any species of bird, as they tend to press against the skin or rough the bird’s feathers, therefore you should get one with fewer buckles and easy to use.

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