Best parrot food

Best parrot food

Did you know that there are at least two species of parrots that each feed on a specific diet, some parrot species feed on Clarion and animals, whereas the Lories and Lorikeets feed on floral nectar and soft fruits? In general, however, the diet of a parrot will include fruits, nuts, seed, buds and plant material

Parrots have for a long time gained popularity as pets because of their ability to imitate human voices. Given their intelligence some parrots are able to learn a few words and form sentences, but have you ever given any thought to want constitutes the energy and how best to help your parrot achieve its full shelf life. Well, that brings us to the best Parrot food.

We have, therefore, sampled some of the best Parrot feeds, that will enhance the bird’s mental and physical health.

The Best Parrot Food

Nutritional Value
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ZuPreemNatural Medium/Large Bird Food
Crude Fat 4.0% Min, Crude, Protein 14.0 % Min, Crude Fiber 5% Max
Dr. Harvey’s Perfect Blend Natural Food for Large Parrots
Crude Protein– 12.0% Min, Crude Fat– 15.0% Min , Crude Fiber– 7% Max
Kaytee Fiesta Bird Food for Parrots
Crude Protein– 14.0% Min, Crude Fat– 14.0% Min, Crude Fiber– 18.0% Max
Lafeber Original Avi cakes for Parrots
Crude Protein– 12.5% Min, Crude Fat– 4.5% Min, Crude Fiber– 5% Max
TOP’S Outstanding Bird PELLETS for Parrot
Crude Protein- 13.9 min, Crude Fat- 7.2 Min, Crude fiber 1.3% Max

Parrots do have likes and you might find that yours does not like some specific types of feed, so you might have to try out different varieties of diets before you settle on the best for the bird. Also, the type of feed that you give to your parrot greatly correlates with the size and type of bird, so as you buy the commercial foods be sure to select one that fits your bird’s size and type.

ZuPreem Natural Medium/Large Bird Food

The feed has been specifically made to cater to both large and medium parrots while offering a good chunk of well balanced nutritious ingredients.


  • Contains no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors
  • Easily digestible as it comes in extruded pellet form
  • Is nutritionally balanced
  • Contains an addition of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals
  • Works well with large and medium birds

The best diet for parrots should contain fruits, pellets, seeds, and fresh vegetables; Zupreem natural has, therefore, been manufactured with natural ingredients to add to its nutritional value. Some of its ingredients include the wheat germ meal, ground corn, calcium carbonate, sucrose, cracked wheat, ascorbic acid and soybean meal among others.

The diet of a parrots feed also has to be free from artificial preservatives and foods that are salty or have been fried for human consumption should not be given to parrots. Other foods to avoid include alcohol, tea, coffee, and fatty foods. Zupreem has been manufactured to meet the nutritional requirements of and medium parrots, with no preservatives, flavors or artificial coloring.

Parrot food also needs to be digestible, for example, if you feed your parrot on an exclusive diet that contains seeds (not recommended), you risk clogging their arteries and they might eventually die. Zupreem Natural medium or large bird food is presented as extruded pellets thus easy for the birds to digest. Other nutritious additives include amino acids minerals and vitamins.


  • Recommended for large birds
  • Comes recommended by veterinarians
  • Easy to digest
  • Can be taken every day as it is nutritious
  • Is a delicious feed for the birds


  • Pellets appear to be too small for large birds
  • Not all parrots enjoy eating pellets, some prefer seeds


If your parrot does not like seeds then the Zupreem Natural medium or large bird food should be a perfect fit, do not forget to consider the size and type of Parrot, otherwise, the feed is perfect as it meets the nutritional control standards.

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Dr. Harvey’s Perfect Blend Natural Food for Large Parrots

DR. Harvey’s Perfect Blend is a perfect nutritious diet for your bird, if you have an Australian parrot, an Amazon or an African Grey then this feed will work for you.


  • Contains Ultra-premium ingredients to enhance your bird’s health
  • Perfect for your Parrots well being
  • Has not utilized preservatives, dyes or synthetic ingredients
  • Is an all-natural diet for your daily bird feed needs
  • Works well with big birds

Dr. Harvey’s perfect blend contains a good mix of natural ingredients for the daily nutritional needs of your large parrot. The feed constitutes whole nuts, vegetables, fruits and herbs that provide the body with minerals, vitamins thus enhancing your parrot’s shelf life. A small reminder, since birds rarely eat all the food in one serving, store the remainder in the refrigerator to prevent them from getting spoilt.

Don’t serve your bird with very cold or hot food because just like humans, the food is appealing when served at room temperature. Dr. Harvey’s perfect blend of natural food has not incorporated any preservatives or chemical dyes that could be harmful to your bird and what’s even more interesting is that the blend includes foods that the parrots find edible in the wild.

Knowledge of some of the wild foods that parrots enjoy will help in preparing or choosing the perfect commercially made food for your bird. Domesticated parrots besides being fed on a special diet can also indulge the wild, some of which are backberries, plantain, dandelions, fat hen plant and the sow thistle among others.

Before serving them the wild delicacy especially if their source is not very clear, you will have to use some antiseptic solution for cleaning, one which is not very strong because of the pollutants or pesticides that might have come into contact with the plants.


  • Contains both wild and natural ingredients
  • Comes recommended by veterinarians
  • Contains fruits, nuts, and vegetables for varied nutritional benefits
  • Remains fresh under refrigeration
  • Enhances the Parrots shelf life


  • Comes with a pricey tag
  • Not suitable for small parrots


Not many bird feeds are keen to include the feel of the wild, so just as it is good for humans to reminisce, so will the birds enjoy a taste of the wild blended with naturally nutritious ingredients once in a while or even daily.

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Kaytee Fiesta Bird Food for Parrots

So the Kaytee Fiesta Bird Food for Parrots aims to outdo the rest by presenting its feed from an untapped angle as the feed comes in a variety of nutritious flavors, and textures.


  • Features Prebiotics and Probiotics for a healthy digestive system
  • Caters to birds species
  • Made from a blend of seed, vegetables, fruits, and grains
  • Contains Omega 3s that offers vibrant plumage
  • Is nutritionally balanced

The ingredients use in the manufacture of the Kaytee Fiesta Bird Food for the parrots are sometimes used as supplements such as the probiotics, vitamins, and calcium, the nutrients can also be found in the pellets. Therefore by adopting Kaytee Fiesta as your bird’s food, you get to forego some of the stresses of finding the right diet with the necessary nutritious ingredients.

Kaytee will expose your bird to different textures and nutritious flavors that will not only enrich its health but also enhance its shelf life. With over 150 years in the bird food industry, the company has incorporated ingredients that will work on the brain and the heart of your Parrot (Omega 3s). The skin and feathers of your bird have also been put into consideration.

Mental stimulation has been catered for by the inclusion of an assortment of veggies and fruits in different textures and lastly, the feed is naturally preserved. The types of birds suitable for this feed are the African Grey, the Amazon, Pionus, and the Eclectus.

Remember when introducing a new Kaytee food to your bird, mix both the old and new feeds and with time the digestive system will get used to the new food. Discard any leftovers and always use a clean dish for the food, lastly, don’t forget to include fresh clean water during your bird’s mealtime.

As you feed your pet ensure that you adjust the portions so that it does not become overweight.


  • Can be used within 45 days
  • Can be frozen or refrigerated to maintain freshness
  • Works well with the digestive system under gradual use
  • The food enhances the health of the skin and feathers of the bird
  • Mental stimulation is achieved via the assortment of fruits and vegetables


  • Parrots may not consume all the pieces in the food
  • Contains some artificial coloring


Kaytee Fiesta Bird food seems to offer the nutritional elements that your parrot needs for healthy feathers and skin. The inclusion of fruits and vegetables will enhance the mental state of your bird and that is just about everything that your bird needs to enhance its shelf life.

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Lafeber Original Avi cakes for Parrots

The Lafeber Original Avi Cakes seems to tally with Kaytee Fiesta in terms of nutrients, for example, the incorporation of Omega 3 and 6 to improve the bird’s physical health. However, it does lack fruits and vegetables when compared to Kaytee.


  • Comes recommended by avian veterinarians and nutritionists
  • Does not contain artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors
  • The feed is rich in anti-oxidants
  • Contains omega 3and 6 for healthy skin, and feathers
  • The cakes obliterate boredom as the birds try to break it into pieces

The Lafeber Original has set the bar high for companies that prepare nutritional pellets for the birds; its formulation specifically targets Conures. It is naturally preserved and will enhance the immune function of your parrot as it has been manufactured with Omega 3 and 6. Even more interesting is the fact that it can be used both as a meal or a treat.

The bird types that can best be fed with the Lafeber Original Avi cakes are the Cockatoos, the small Conures, the Large Macaws, Caiques, the African Grey parrots, the Mini Macaws and the Monk Parakeet among others. Despite its cake-like structure, the feed can be taken as a complete diet on a daily basis.

The nutritious snack is composed of 50% pellets that have been nutritionally balanced and 50% premium seeds. Remember all the ingredients used in the manufacture of the cakes are not genetically modified and molasses has been used to make it into a caked mass. Natural ingredients have also been incorporated in the manufacture of the feed, to help achieve the correct balance of nutrition.


  • Offers varied nutritional benefits
  • Can cater to many different species of birds
  • Comes with an affordable price tag
  • Can be used as a treat or a full meal
  • The preservation mode is natural


  • The clusters get stacked together at times
  • Does not include mental stimulation ingredients such as vegetables


The Lafeber Original Avi cakes are nutrition-packed and offer a different angle in enhancing the shelf life of your parrot. Remember parrots are intelligent birds and if not engaged they tend to get stressed, the Avi cakes therefore, apart from offering nutritional benefits they will also prevent boredom thus a happy pet.

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TOP’S Outstanding Bird PELLETS for Parrot

The TOP’S outstanding Bird Pellets are a type of feed that has incorporated the essential and natural nutrients for an enhanced shelf and healthy life, as it is made from 100% certified organic ingredients.


  • The pellets have been cold-pressed to prevent interference with its natural nutritional structure
  • Can be used as an everyday meal
  • Is a non-corn based USDA Certified bird food
  • Has incorporated minerals, vitamins, and Amino acids to enhance the parrot’s health
  • Preservation is by the Natural Rosemary, lemon, Orange peel, and lemon.

Most parrots do not exhibit dietary concerns but if yours has, it would be best to first consult a veterinarian before buying food. Leftovers, as usual, should be discarded even for the Tops Outstanding bird Pellets.

Since all the commercial bird foods lack some of the ingredients like fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables you might want to provide for them separately. The species that will enjoy the Tops feed include the African Greys, Caiquees Cockatoos, Eclectus, and the Amazons. For the type of food for different sizes of birds, you might want to check on the packaging, to get the right feed.

The Tops Outstanding pellets have not included fillers such as BHA, BHT, soy, or corn in their manufacture and preservation is natural. Artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, and sugar haven’t been used, and the feed can be used as a daily diet because by cold pressing the natural nutrients remain intact.

Some of the ingredients used are the Organic quinoa whole, the Organic dandelion leaf powder, organic pumpkin, organic rice, and organic sunflower seed among others.


  • Features ecologically grown ingredients
  • Provides almost 100% of a bird’s nutritional needs
  • Caters for a large variety of birds
  • Has been cold-pressed instead of being extruded or baked
  • Does not contain fillers


  • Lacks some of the essential ingredients such as fruits and vegetables
  • A bit pricey


Tops Outstanding bird pellets will offer your parrots the full nutritional value because of the cold-pressed pellets that keep minerals, vitamins and natural enzymes intact. The preservation is natural so your birds don’t stand a chance of suffering from chemicals, artificial colors or flavors.

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Factors to consider before buying bird food

The wrong type of bird food will result in the death of your parrots, so as you go shopping, check if the food has incorporated the use of preservatives because they are likely to make the bird develop allergies among other health issues.

Check the ingredients used, do they suffice the nutritional needs of your bird. Also, carry out a quality check, this might impact your budget but then again you invested in the bird, so you might as well keep it healthy and alive.

The food that your parrots eat need to contain the right nutritional elements, and it would also be best if the bird is trained on eating a variety of nutritional diets. Always carry out research on the dietary needs of your bird before purchasing any type of commercial food. Things like fresh vegetables, nuts, and fruits might have to be purchased separately and this will incur an extra cost.

Cultivating a bird’s behavior at times is tough and some people are known to get rid of them, however, you can always train them to behave well by rewarding good behavior. Lastly, the odds of saving a sick bad always decreases, therefore, ensure to take your bird for checkups, so that if it suffers from any ailment it can be detected earlier and treated.

Also, discuss with the vet the nutritional options that you can incorporate in your bird’s diet to enhance its health.

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