Best parrot vitamin supplement

Best parrot vitamin supplement

Parrots are especially growing common with many home owners owning one of these birds. Keeping them happy is crucial as they are sensitive and could quite literally starve themselves to death. That’s why we have compiled this article of the best parrot vitamin supplement to add on to your pet’s diet.

Birds are beautiful and more so if colorful ones that have the ability to mimic what you say. Parrots are constantly becoming lesser in the wild as ze humans have taken a liking to these beauties and have added them to the family.

They are to be cared for especially when it comes to their diet and that is why we felt the need to do a review and buying guide of the best parrot vitamin supplement, just to make sure you treat your parrot right. You might not feed the parrot everything it was accustomed to in the wild exactly how the parrot had their food but you can get the best quality products to ensure a balanced diet in the comfort of your home.

Here’s what we thought would be best for your parrot:

Comparison Table:

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Nekton-S Everyday Multi-Vitamin for Birds
150 gm
Living World Prime Powder
60 gm
Oasis Alive & Well for Birds
6 cts
eCotrition Skin and Plumage Supplement for all Birds
1 oz
Missing Link Parrot Supplement
1 lb
Lafeber's Avi-Era Powdered Bird Vitamin
36 gm
Zoo Med 26384 Bird Banquet Fruit Mineral Block
1 oz
Penn-Plax® Banana & Berry Cuttlebone & Mineral Block Combo for Birds
2 cts


Nekton-S Everyday Multi-Vitamin for Birds – Best Overall Vitamins for Birds

Best parrot vitamin supplementNekton is a well-known company that has been in existence for quite a while now. Nekton-S specifically has a 35-year track record of being the only multi-vitamin and mineral supplement for everyday use on birds. To be able to curb the vitamin deficiencies that are not hard to spot in birds, using Nekton-S is best in eliminating any potential issues.

It is easy to administer as you can mix the vitamin to the bird’s water, mixed with soft food or sprinkled onto a fruit. And since parrots generally dunk all their food in their water bowl so using this product is a great option for parrots. Using it every day will undoubtedly make the birds stronger and healthier. It also offers support for the metabolic process in your bird ensuring that they get the best benefits from the vitamin.

High quality ingredients have been used to create this product aimed at increasing performance and reduce problems such as molting, mobility, stress during breeding. It is used by professionals as well as bird owners to provide their birds with the best nutrition they can possibly have.


  • Well balanced combination of 13 vitamins, minerals and 18 free amino acids
  • Everyday use for healthy and strong birds
  • Use with MSA as well as Nekton-E
  • For all caged animals
  • Multi-Vitamin Supplement
  • Used by wildlife parks, professional breeders, etc.


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Living World Prime Powder

The reason why this product is on the list is because it is the only supplement that’s been specially formulated to fill in any missing nutrients in seed based diet of your bird respective of whether you give your bird fruit or vegetables with their meal.

Most of the seed based diets lack the proper nutrition since they lack amino acids such as Methionine. The Prime Powder supplements those amino acids without overdoing it by giving the birds extra amino acids they don’t need. It is easy to use as it penetrates soft food which is perfect for accurate administration of the powder.

It provides 9 minerals and 14 vitamins of the missing nutrients. It has Calcium Gluconate which is essential for birds because calcium is one the biggest deficiencies. The flavor infused in this powder is of exotic fruit that makes this vitamin a good treat for the birds, parrots included.

Calcium Gluconate is great to help in the absorption of nutrients from both the food as well as the Prime Vitamin Powder. Generally, it is a well favored high quality vitamin that is used even by professionals.


  • Formulated for all birds on a seed based diet
  • Penetrates soft food for accurate dosage administration
  • Unique combination of enzymes as well as acidifiers that improve digestion
  • Exotic fruit flavoring that does not include sugar
  • Offer efficient nutrient absorption


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Oasis Alive & Well for Birds

Alive and Well for Birds is a unique vitamin that comes in a fizz tab and what it basically does is introduce probiotics, vitamins as well as electrolytes into the digestive systems and especially during stressful periods.

Birds are prone to getting stress and if left untreated, they get sick and on the extreme side, they die. This tablet is important for stress inducing situations such as change in surroundings, caging and change in diet as well in that it helps prevent the birds from getting into physical and emotional stresses.

This unique formula is inclusive of beneficial pro-biotic bacteria and the micro flora populations that is essential for the birds well-being and can be used as a follow up treatment for the bird a dosage of antibiotics has just been completed.

The vitamin improves and increases strength in the immune system and at the same time it ensures that the micro flora retains its optimum levels in the intestinal tract. It is easy to administer in diluting it in water or in food.

It suitable to a range category of birds such as the parrot, cockatoos, parakeets, cockatiels and canaries and should be administered when changing cages, during travel, breeding as well as showing seasons.


  • Easy to administer
  • Prevent and emotional stress
  • Highest quality grade natural ingredients possible.


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eCotrition Skin and Plumage Supplement for all Birds

eCotrition products are dedicated to creating products aimed at promoting a heathy and long life for birds as well as small animals. The blends are created with nutrients blended into a mixture of wholesome nuts, garden-fresh vegetables, seeds as well as tasty fruits.

This product is a good supplement for all birds as it helps in maintaining vibrant plumage by helping to keep birds from excess molting, dry skin, dull plumage and scratching. It keeps their plumage colorful and vibrant as well as supplying the birds with essential fatty acids and vitamins.

This eCotrition is safe for daily use as just three drops of this supplement in the water or food will go a long way in helping replenish any lost vitamins.


  • Daily supplement
  • Provides essential fatty acids and vitamins
  • Protects against excessive scratching, dry skin, molting and dull plumage


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Missing Link Parrot Supplement

In the recent generations, people have taken to housing animals meant for the wild as pets. We have them in cages and buildings while brings about varying changes such as stress. This in turn has caused most pets to rely on what their keepers feed them instead of the nutrient filled food they get from nature. Food fed to them is mostly processed food and these lack in some very important nutrients.

This Missing Link Supplement was formulated to be able to seal off that gap and as the name would suggest, it quite literally acts as the missing link in terms of nutrition provided in the commercial feeds and that provided by nature.

It is a powerful powder with a combination of 6 fatty acids and omega 3, dietary fiber and phytonutrients which have been balanced out carefully to promote thicker plumage, support digestive and immune systems. It also helps with promoting the overall health of the bird as well as with inflammation.

As it is aimed at filling in the gap of lacking nutrition, it is totally a wholesome product that is a non-GMO all natural powder without artificial colors, flavors preservatives present.

Daily Intake

Small Birds – 1/8 Teaspoon for Canaries, Finches, Keets, etc.

Medium Birds – ¼ Teaspoon for Conures, Cockatiels, etc.

Large Birds – ½ Teaspoon for Parrots, Cockatoos, Macawas, etc.

The Missing Link Formula is used by many veterinarians as well bird owners for all the nutritional benefits and the sustained energy levels.


  • Support healthy digestive system
  • Thinker plumage
  • Improves Color and promotes shine
  • Sustained energy levels


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Lafeber’s Avi-Era Powdered Bird Vitamin

Birds are quite sensitive creatures and react to any distractions the best way they know how and that is going on a hunger strike. That is of course not something you want happening in any animal.

This Lafeber’s Avi-Era vitamin contains 13 essential vitamins that are required for your bird because even an hour of your bird not eating is crucial. Adding vitamins to your birds’ diet is therefore the most important thing to look out for because it will strengthen the birds’ metabolism.

For birds especially living on a seed based diet need vitamins in their diet because they do lack what is essential. This vitamin will help relieve stress and improve the health of ailing birds quickly. Mix this with either the food or water and let the vitamins work.


  • Use for all birds
  • Concentrated powder with 13 essential vitamins
  • Birds feeding Avi-Cakes, Lafeber’s Pellets or Nutri-Berries don’t require vitamins
  • Mix it in food or water


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Zoo Med 26384 Bird Banquet Fruit Mineral Block, 1 Oz/Small

The Zoo Med Fruit Formula designed to provide digestible calcium and help to maintain you birds beak trimmed preventing overgrowth. As your bird is chewing, enrichment is provided by this block. Calcium is essential for your birds’ growth and development.

The formula is a combination of nutritious fruits such as Bananas, Pineapples, Papayas and Mangos all in a solid calcium base. This will be easy for your bird to digest as you can just leave it in the cage or where you have your bird and that’s about it. The bird will enjoy this delicious solid base.


  • Easy to use
  • Provides enrichment while the bird chews the block
  • Provides digestible calcium to your bird
  • Includes a combination of nutritious fruits


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2-in-1 Penn-Plax® Mineral Block Cuttlebone (Banana and Berry Flavored)

Plenn Plax are a known company in manufacturing and distributing quality pet supplies for animals both small and large at very affordable prices while still managing to deliver be best quality for your pets.

The Penn-Plax® and Berry Cuttlebone and Mineral Block Combo for Birds is a 2 in 1 combination of a cuttlebone lodged into a mineral that is berry flavored and the other is in a mineral block that is banana flavored. These are necessary as they provide calcium plus minerals essential for your parrot and other birds as well.

For anyone who owns a parrot or bird for that matter, you already know that your birds will be drawn to bright colors and this product is one to get your bird pecking away. As they enjoy this nutritious treat, the beak is trimmed in addition to getting conditioned, thus containing overgrowth. Generally, this is going to be both a sweet treat and a really needed supplement in your birds’ diet.


  • 2 in 1 Cuttlebone and Mineral Blocks
  • Bright colors to encourage natural pecking instinct
  • Fruity flavors
  • Provide necessary calcium and minerals


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Buyers Guide

Before going out to buy any product from the large market out there, you need to consider the nutritional value the product will bring into your parrot’s diet. You need consider for example, the vitamins packed into the pellets and whether it will be easy to swallow on the parrots’ part.

Here is a comprehensive buying guide to get you started on the best parrot vitamin supplement for your parrot.

A balanced nutrition

Having a diet that is ‘pretty alright’ and lacking in say calcium could result in physical changes in your parrots’ health such as depression, seizures and a general weakness in your parrots while a deficiency in Vitamin A could lead to respiratory problems.

As we had mentioned earlier, parrots and other birds that have had experience leaving in the world, are used to having a balanced diet as they will eat just about anything from nuts to grass. When you take them in for pets, the balanced diet they were accustomed to, should be reflected in their diet.

When looking for vitamin supplements for your parrot, you need to make sure that what you’re getting will complement the food your parrot is already eating. If for example, you feed your parrot a strictly seed based diet, then you will need to seek a vitamin supplement such as the Living Wild Prime Powder which provides the essential amino acids missing in the seed diet.

Always ensure you look out for the nutrients being provided and compare with the diet your parrot is not and note what is missing and what needs to be supplemented for an improved immune system and overall well-being. Give them, fresh fruit, vegies, pellets and the good stuff that won’t lead to obesity.

Natural Selection

With everything that your parrot will place in its mouth, it will translate to the health that it’ll have. Seeing as birds are very sensitive, nutrition is key as we have just established above. While shopping around, you want to ensure you get only organic products.

Products grown with pesticides and other chemicals should generally be avoided as they can lead to renal failure and impair the brain of your parrot. Go for non-GMO ingredients and always make sure that you get your parrot as close as you possibly can, the diet they enjoy in the wild. Avoid artificial flavors, sweeteners or artificial colors because these really aren’t found in their original diet.

Finding the best option should no longer be a problem for you as there are many companies who do care about parrots and who have dedicated their time to formulate balanced vitamin supplements to ensure your parrot is happy in its new home and environment.

Size and Pricing

Size is important in considering what vitamin and even food you’ll be getting your parrot. When it comes to food, pellets for example, you need to ensure that they are small because this will allow for easier ingestion by all parrots. In vitamins, if you have blocks for example, you could break this into pieces if they’re too hard for the parrot to peck through. If it’s in powder or liquid form, then it is easy to sprinkle on food or mix with water.

When it comes to buying the best products for your parrot, cheap is not always the answer. Most products that are sold at a cheap price are often full of fillers, colorings and other chemicals and contain a small percentage of the actual product. Spend a little extra for quality health as cheap could be expensive and lead to death in birds.

Introducing new in the diet

When it comes to introducing new treats or food into the diet of your parrot, you want to look for brightly colored treats as these encourage the picky birds into trying them out. Usually brightly colored treats translate to good tasting treats and so this is a good tip to remember if you want to introduce something foreign in their diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the top three most frequently asked questions when it comes to bird nutrition and that involves your parrot.

Q – What causes vitamin and mineral deficiencies

A – The highest percentage of deficiencies comes from improper diet while a small percentage is dependent on individual birds that may have metabolisms that inhibit nutrient absorption leading to health issues. Diet based deficiencies are especially experienced in parrots feeding off of a seed based diet and to counter this, you want to make sure you provide a balanced diet. Fortified bird pellets tend to provide all the essential vitamins and nutrients that your parrot will require. Vegetables and fresh food should accompany the pellets to maintain a healthy parrot.

Q – Which is the most common deficiency?

A – Lack of proper balanced diet is the leading cause of deficiency in parrots. The most serious issues experienced in birds generally, have been from lack of Vitamin A. Others include imbalanced levels of calcium, phosphorus as well as Vitamin D3.

Q – Why do I need bird vitamins?

A – Vitamins are important in ensuring that your parrot is getting a proper balanced diet. For birds that have been on seed diets most of their upbringing, getting them to try vitamins can be a bit of a challenge but the good news is there are vitamin supplements that can help you get through that. Vitamin supplements such as The Penn-Plax® and Berry Cuttlebone and Mineral Block Combo for Birds will be a good start as they are colorful and will rouse the interest of your parrot by playing at their instinct to peck away at it.

Wrapping it up

One thing is clear and that is parrots are extra sensitive and they can be prone to stress as well as depression. Interestingly enough, what you feed your parrot will immensely contribute to their health. Hopefully this review and buying guide of the best parrot vitamin supplement has been of massive help to get you treating your parrot the right way if you weren’t and to improve on what you were already doing right.

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