Can parrots eat raisins?


Unlike other birds, parrots are highly social eaters and they love to share their food with their human companions. The problem is there are some foods that you eat that your parrot isn’t supposed to eat and you can’t count on your parrot’s instinct to guide you on the kind of food he eats. There is also a huge difference between the wild parrots and captive parrots when it comes to knowing the foods to eat. The wild parrots learn from their flock mates the safe foods to eat, but the captive parrots are at a disadvantage because they rely on their human caretakers to feed them.

A parrot’s diet

A parrot’s diet is mostly made up of insects, veggies, nuts, fruits, and flowers. Parrots are omnivorous which means they can eat meat on occasions and vegetation. Seeds are their favorite food because they have strong jaws to crack the hard nut shells to get the seeds inside, but don’t make the mistake of feeding them too much birdseed. They’re meant to be more of a treat than food. Understanding what you should feed your parrot will help you make the right choices to keep him in good health.

Are raisins harmful of good to parrots?

Feeding your parrot’s raisins can be both good and bad. On one side if you feed him with ordinary raisins, they can affect their health because they’re hard to digest. On the other side, if you give him too much just like everything else it can be bad, but if you boil the raisins in hot water it will make them softer which will make it easier for your parrot to eat. This way it won’t affect his digestion and it will also provide needed nutrients. Raisins have a high quantity of sugar, so they should only constitute a small part of your parrot’s diet.

Avoid giving your parrot boxed raisins because they’re meant for human consumption and they usually contain added sodium and sugars that are harmful to your bird. Instead, you can give him organic, dried raisins that you can get from any health food store. If you’re going to give your parrot dried fruit, make sure that sulfur wasn’t used in the drying process because even the smallest amounts can be potentially harmful to your parrot.

Birds aren’t supposed to eat sugar and salt because it’s harmful to them which means you shouldn’t also give your parrot salty raisins. Make sure you pay attention to your bird’s nutritional chart so that you can know the correct amount of sugar and salt that you need to give your parrot to keep him healthy. You can either make your raisins or buy them in a pet store which is a better and safer option. Don’t give your parrot too many raisins. The bottom line is, you can feed your parrot with raisins, but in moderation and only when they’re boiled and without sugar or salt.

Learning what you can feed your parrot

Feed your parrot with commercial pellet

Pellets make a very important part of your parrot’s diet and you can find them in different colors, sizes, shapes, and flavors. They have a high nutritional value because they are a combination of seeds, grains, fruits, and veggies. When you go to a pet store ensure that you read the label and select pellets that don’t have a lot of preservatives. Because of the wide variety of pallets in the market, consult your veterinarian to determine the pellet formula that works for your parrot.

Ensure that seeds are part of your parrot’s diet

Birdseed should not be the main part of your parrot’s diet, but they’re good for him and have nutritional value. Just like pellets, seeds have a wide variety of formulations to choose from. The best option would be to buy a packet of mixed seeds or individual seeds and mix them yourself. Before buying bird seeds make sure they’re fresh and shiny and should be free of fungus and insects. They shouldn’t have any smell of mold or rancid. Some parrots like sprouted or germinated seeds. To achieve this soak the seeds overnight in clean freshwater and after 24 hours you will start to see the tip of a root. You can now feed your parrot the seeds.

Include fresh fruits and veggies in your parrot’s diet

Parrots can eat different types of fruits and veggies including broccoli, apples, peaches, bananas, cucumber, and green beans. Ensure that they’re cleaned thoroughly before feeding him and remember not to give him too much fruit because of the high sugar content. Chop the fruits and veggies into small portions to make it easier for your parrot to eat. Some fruits can stain your parrot’s droppings which shouldn’t be a concern.

Feed your parrot nuts

Nuts make part of your parrot’s healthy diet. They’re high in protein, mineral, and vitamins, and also in fat. The high-fat content means you should give in moderation preferably use them as a reward when training or a treat. Feed your parrot unsalted nuts and if possible leave the shells on which is good for his physical and mental stimulation.

Add legumes and grains to your parrot’s diet

Legumes like beans and lentils have a high nutritional value and can be fed raw or cooked. The grains should be whole grains like cooked brown rice or barley and should be low in salt.

Include some meat

Parrots are omnivorous so they can eat meat like chicken, but ensure the meat is fully cooked. Too much meat can damage your parrot’s kidneys.

Provide fresh water

Ensure that your parrot has a fresh supply of water at all times. Parrots are messy eaters so you’ll find pieces of food in the water so it’s good to change his water twice a day or when you see food particles in his water.


Parrots can eat raisins but because of their high sugar content, it should be in moderation. Raisins can be also hard to digest so it’s a good idea to soften them by putting them in boiled water. Raisins have nutritional value, but make sure you don’t feed too much to your parrot.

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