Parakeet vs Parrot

Parakeet vs Parrot

Despite looking similar to each other, the parakeet and parrot are different birds. Parakeets are commonly called budgies which is a type of parrot. They both have notable similarities like their diets and their four-toed feet.

Parakeets are a type of parrot among the 350 species that exist. They are among the many parrot species you will find in many homes chosen as pets. It’s the smallest species with other larger ones like the African gray parrot, Amazon parrot, macaw, cockatiel, and the cockatoo. Click here to learn some of the differences.

What kind of birds are parrots?

These are very colorful, intelligent, and social birds that are mostly found in the tropical and subtropical regions. Among the different species of parrots, macaws are the largest and are found in South America and the budgerigar is the most popular parrot that you can find in many homes. The different types of parrots include macaws, New Zealand parrot, and cockatoos.

What kind of birds are parakeets?

These are a species of parrots that are native to Australia and are mostly called budgerigars or budgies. They’re small, smart, playful, and very easy to train that’s why they’re found in many pet shops and you can easily take care of them. You might think that all parrots can imitate human speech, but that’s not true. Parakeets are the only ones that can, they can learn more than 100 different words which makes these birds very unique. These birds are very low maintenance and love each other’s company so you can have several of them living happily in the same cage. They can live in an enclosed space with toys and perches to keep them busy and occupied and you should at least let them out once daily for interaction and bonding.

Differences between parrots and parakeets


Parrots are generally larger birds that are usually kept in pairs while parakeets are much smaller birds that are kept in groups. The size of a parrot can range from 3 inches to an impressive 40 inches depending on the type of parrot while parakeets range from 7 to 18 inches. Even though parakeets are small birds they have a larger than life personality that you will fall in love with.


Parakeets or budgies have vibrant colors, long tail feathers, rounded head, and spunky dispositions. Parrots are known for their majestic and beautiful color patterns, powerful curved beaks, and endearing mannerisms which makes them very cool to have as pets.

Characteristic features

The curved bills and upright stance are more characteristic and prominent in larger parrots. The most common color combinations you will find in parrots include bright green, yellow, red, and gray colors. The parakeets and especially the wild budgerigars are mostly green in color, but because of selective breeding, this color is slowly changing.


Depending on the type of parrot-like the Hyacinth macaw can live for about 50 years while others like the kakapo can outlive most humans to live for a good 95 years. However, depending on the type of species, the budgies can live in captivity for 5-20 years.

Can they talk?

Parakeets have a very musical sound that they make and the male budgies are known to be very good singers and have an exceptional talking ability. You can train these little and affectionate birds to mimic sounds and different words and they can also learn to even sing and whistle along to your favorite tunes. They can imitate human speech very well. However, the parrots make harsh sounds and the African gray parrot has a superior talking ability.

Variety of species

There are hundreds of subspecies within the parrot genus and each has a wide variety of special features. The order parrot includes 372 species in 86 genera. Parakeets are a diverse group of small to medium-size birds that you will find in multiple genera. Their sizes vary according to the species and there are about 120 different species of parakeets and even more subspecies.


Parakeets need a very specific diet to help prolong their lifespan and keep them healthy. They mostly eat fresh fruits and veggies to provide vitamins and antioxidants and seeds. Parrots are omnivorous so they can on occasion eat meat as well as other foods like nuts, seeds, insects, fruits, and veggies. They love cracking nutshells with their beaks to get to the seeds inside.


Parakeets breed more readily in groups and sometimes there is a conflict between the breeding pairs and individuals when there is enough space. A pair will breed more easily when there are other parakeets around that’s why they breed in groups. Parrots are monogamous breeders that build their nests in cavities and aren’t territorial over their nesting sites. The bond between a pair of parrots is very strong and lasts even during the non-breeding season and when they join a flock.

Living together

Parrots are known for being protective creatures of habit and bringing a new bird to your home can easily cause him stress. Parrots take time to get used to a new bird in his territory. As for parakeets, they’re very sweet and sociable birds that love being in the company of other birds. Although they’re small and delicate not all household birds like their company, to keep them happy, healthy, and safe pair them with a friendly companion. If it’s she pairs her with another female and if he’s a male pair him with another male to ensure that they live in harmony.


Parrots and parakeets are both different and similar in many ways. Parrots are larger than parakeets who are the smallest birds in their species. Parrots and parakeets make excellent pets to have in your home. Parrots are very colorful and entertaining and more vocal with a wide range of specific needs which sometimes makes them more demanding than other traditional pets. Being social and highly intelligent creatures, they require both social and mental stimulation to help in their growth and proper development. Parakeets, on the other hand, don’t require a lot of pampering and it’s very easy to take care of them.

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