Parrot pellet comparison

Parrot pellet comparison

Birds that are kept as pets in most homes don’t usually get a variety of foods that they would get if they were in the wild and eating seeds and pellets will not provide all the nutrients they need. There is a wide variety of pellets in the market and a parrot pellet comparison can help you know the best one to feed your parrot.

While pellets provide more balanced nutrition than seeds, your parrot’s diet should also include lots of fruits and veggies to ensure that he’s consuming all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that he needs. Most birds suffer from malnutrition because they’re only fed seeds, but it’s very easy to learn how to prepare delicious and healthy meals that are nutritious and a balanced diet with all the ingredients to keep your parrot healthy and active.

What are pellets?

Pellets are formulated diets that are formulated to meet the specific needs of each type of bird. They mostly contain a blend of fruits, veggies, grains, and seeds. They have tasty flavors that encourage your parrot to eat and they provide all the vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, and other vital nutrients for the healthy growth of your parrot.

A parrot pellet comparison table

Parrot food
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Ground fruits like bananas, apples, oranges, and grapes, soybean meal, vegetable oil, ground corn, rosemary extracts, iodized salt, folic acid, natural and artificial colors, and flavors
Cane molasses, ground corn, wheat flour, soybean meal, citric acid, vitamin A, D3, E supplements, amino acids, dried whole egg, dicalcium phosphate
Ground corn, ground oat groats, ground wheat, ground millet, soybean meal, wheat germ meal, ground barley, ground flaxseed, dry carrots, dry blueberries, vitamin A, B12, E, D3 supplements, folic acid


ZuPreem fruit blend bird diet

These pellets are colorful and sweet and contain nor added sugars which will encourage your parrot to eat them, especially if your parrot is underweight. Recommended by vets and a great choice if you want to prevent malnutrition in your parrot and other nutrient-related diseases. Parrots love color and shapes and these pellets come in diverse colors and fun fruit shapes that will entice your parrots to eat them.

These pellets have a natural flavor with freshly ground fruit in every grain with no added sweeteners or flavor enhances that can be harmful to your parrot. All the ingredients are from non-GMO sources and contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that will ensure that your parrot has healthy feathers, claws, and bones. They also help in providing nutrients for the healthy mental development of your parrot because caged birds often get depressed.


  • The pellets are tasty and nutritious even for picky eaters
  • Have a blend of different fruit flavors that make it delicious
  • They contain fats and natural oils that are important in your parrot’s diet
  • The pellets are very colorful which your parrot will love


  • Contains sugar so you shouldn’t give as a daily meal


Colorful, delicious, and healthy pellets that contain lots of nutrients to keep your parrot happy and healthy as he munches them.

Lafeber’s daily diet pellets for parrots

This daily diet contains a high-quality blend of natural ingredients that will provide proper nutrition for your growing parrot. The pellets come in a bucket so you don’t have to worry about somewhere to store the food so it remains fresh. These pellets are naturally flavored with molasses which makes them very tasty, adds energy, and comes in a good and convenient size which is perfect even if your parrot is a fussy eater. They contain vitamin A and E, soybeans, grains, non-GMO corn, and dicalcium phosphate which helps to strengthen your parrot’s bones.

It’s also packed with natural preservatives, 6 fatty acids, and omega 3 to help protect your parrot against cardiovascular diseases and help support healthy feathers and skin with a well-functioning immune system. It also contains whole eggs which are a very digestible protein and the different grains contain a mixture of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to give your parrot shiny feathers, strong bones, and an improved immune system that can fight off diseases.


  • The pellets have a natural molasses flavor that is very tasty and your parrot will love them
  • Packaged in a bucket which is very convenient to store
  • The pellets contain ingredients that parrots love to eat which provides a balanced nutrition


  • The food is costly
  • Fussy parrots take time to adapt to these pellets


Very tasty and delicious parrot food that your parrot will love. It comes packed in a bucket which makes it easier to store and contains plenty of essential nutrients that will ensure your parrot’s health is taken care of.

ZuPreem natural large bird food

Wholesome and healthy food with balanced nutrition for large parrots. It’s formulated with all the essential vitamins and minerals your parrot needs daily to stay active and healthy. These nugget-shaped pellets are made from digestible veggies and grains and added vitamins and minerals that are essential to maintain the health of your parrot.

All the ingredients are naturally preserved which means they contain no artificial preservatives. The ingredients have been formulated to improve your parrot’s energy levels, alertness, and mood to reduce his risk of obesity and other nutritional deficiencies.


  • Helps to keep your parrot healthy and happy, and maintain his weight
  • Very good for fussy eaters
  • The pellets don’t contain any artificial colors
  • Contains plenty of natural ingredients and veggies with vitamins and minerals to help your parrot thrive


  • The pellets are expensive compared to the quantity


Nutritious food for large parrots that provides them with enough nutrients to keep them active and healthy. The ingredients are all-natural with no artificial preservatives and with controlled iron levels.


Parrots love eating pellets and they form a major part of your parrot’s daily diet. It’s important to know the type of pellets your parrot loves so that you can give him a balanced diet. The ZuPreem fruit blend bird diet is excellent parrot food that is tasty and full of nutrients that will ensure he remains healthy and active.

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