Petcarebase.com offers comprehensive information about pets, in the recent past pets have been determined to offer good company to people of different ages and the different varieties come with different benefits. For example, older people or kids who have special conditions could benefit from adopting service dogs.

Aquariums have for long been used to calm hyperactive children, help in Alzheimer’s therapy and improve the quality of sleep. Our aim, therefore, is to provide you with the most reliable information that you can use when you want to adopt the right type of pet, as regards your needs. Petcarebase.com comprise of a team that has their user’s interest at heart and will thus share everything they discover through research on pets.

There is a lot of good information out there about pets, so why choose us? It’s simple because we offer the most current information on any type of pet that you would wish to get information on. And besides that, we also cover all categories, whether you want a show pet, a companion pet or a working pet. However, there are some important considerations that you must keep in mind before adopting a pet.

For one, you need to consider the amount of space that you have and whether it can host both you and the pet because some of the pets do need a lot of space and should not be housed indoors like the husky. Your lifestyle also has a lot to do with the type of pet that you adopt, remember some pets get stressed when left alone for an extended period, and others will offer great company to people who love working out.

You, therefore, have to consider your type of lifestyle and the activities that you engage in before adopting a pet. Some pets are also demanding when it comes to care, which means you should have a lot of free time to cater to their needs. So check whether you can accommodate them in your busy schedule.

The size of the pet that you want is also an important factor because a young pet needs a lot of attention and reassurance that it is in a safe environment before it can come to terms with its new habitat. And the last or rather the first thing that you should consider before you go pet hunting is your budget, once you decide to go down this road be ready to commit yourself financially, not just during the purchase but for the entire time that you plan on keeping the pet.

Getting a pet is just like getting another new baby; you will have to feed it special types of food and not just what you eat. Provide accommodation for the pet where it can rest or have some alone time, this is especially important because it will learn how to be independent. There are visits to the pet in case of sickness, which varies from pet to pet and play toys to keep them busy when you are away for a long time.

Types of pets

So now that you know the factors to consider before choosing the perfect pet let’s get down to sampling the different types available that you can adopt both indoor and outdoor.

Aquarium pets

Before we get to the benefits of keeping fish as pets let us first find out why they are a good option. Unlike some type of dogs and even cats, fish are relatively quiet, dogs, on the other hand, have the tendency to bark at a very wrong time and will likely make you lose your calm, but for the fish, you might even forget that they exist.

Housing a fish is not as hard as housing a husky, for one husky need a lot of space that it might even be difficult for you to live with it in the city. And remember they can be their worst if not given enough physical activity or company, but for the fish, you just need to find the right size of a water tank, provide the right environment as regards water temperatures, company, and accessories and you are good.

Most pets do offer a learning opportunity to kids and adults alike and fish is no exception. Feeding times enable interaction especially if you are keeping the human-friendly type of fish that will meet you at the glass window when you approach the aquarium. Besides the ability to properly take care of a pet is a show of responsibility and for the kids, they can master the skill at an early age.

A fish’s budget is not a head-scratcher when compared to other types of pet but then again it all boils down to species. However, fish do not come with a high price tag, for example, you cannot compare the price of a small pug dog to that of fish. Aquarium dwellers don’t require much attention when compared to other pets; you don’t have to take it for a walk, brush its teeth, or even wash it.

Health benefits

Fish keepers might also not be aware of the health benefits that they can derive from keeping fish as a pet, because they are not readily apparent. The smooth movements of the fish in an aquarium do help reduce stress and the rate of your heartbeat. Ever heard of the shoaling fish, well if you ever find them in an aquarium or a fish tank be prepared to be entertained by the synchronized motions that will also help your mind relax.

Fish tanks and aquariums help in stress reduction and this is derived from the sound of the water filter which mimics the sound of streams and rivers. There is so much discomfort that can be derived from not having water around you and that is why it’s mere sound offers comfort.

There are different types of fish species kept in aquariums that are brightly colored. Therefore, People who have Alzheimer’s disease will exhibit less disruptive behaviors if they are exposed to a brightly colored aquarium. What’s more is that their appetite will spike, and apart from the health benefits derived from keeping fish as a pet is that they are a nice cosmetic feature for your house or office and will help enhance its appearance.

Dogs and Cats

In the past cats and dogs were sworn enemies, a fact that led to the production of interesting cartoon movies with the same message. Fast forward to the 20th century, where people now keep both cats and dogs, owning either a cat or a dog is your choice and will depend on what you actually want. Keeping cats is not as involving as keeping dogs, as they can basically survive without much of your input.

Dogs, on the other hand, do require a lot of attention from feeding to the shedding of fur and cleaning. Cats don’t necessarily need separate housing or a separate playing space like a dog, and you don’t have to go everywhere with them as you travel, because they will comfortably remain home, just find someone to provide it with food and empty its litter box.

Dogs need to do a lot of exercises but this also depends on the breed that you plan to adopt, however taking short walks in the evening is necessary for almost all dog species especially the ones that are mostly left alone in the house. Cats, on the other hand, will nap on anything including food and money, and if you don’t play with them, they will enjoy their playtime with their toys.

Unlike dogs, cats are quiet but will always alert you when there is danger the same goes for the dogs that will even try to protect you from intruders. Both cats and dogs are great pets with different significant benefits; you only need to understand their actions and act accordingly.


Some people intentionally visit their neighbors to hear the parrot speak and many people prefer to domesticate parrots when compared to other types of birds unless of course it is meant to be used later as food. Parrots are a good company and love to be given the same measure of attention that they give you, so if you know your schedule is tight then its best to find another type of pet that is less demanding attention wise.

Benefits derived from owning a parrot

When shopping for a pet parrot it might interest you to know that they come in different sizes as we have large parrots like the Cockatoos, the African Greys and the Amazons. Then we have the small type of parrots like the Parakeets, the Lorikeets, and the Cockatiels, there are also the midsized types of parrots like the Pionus, the Caiques and the Red-bellied parrots. There are so many types of parrots, you just have to find one that you can love and care for.

Parrots help stimulate the mind, a human being mental sharpness deteriorates with age, but if you have a parrot in the house then you don’t have to worry about remembering everything because the little miss birdy has the habit of speaking out everything that it can remember and will even brighten your evenings or morning with greetings.

For example, the African Grey Parrots easily learn many words and speaks them out whenever it gets the opportunity, and mind you they try as much as they can to pronounce them correctly. Parrots do sing to help cheer you up in case you are mood less or feel down, also, many species of parrots love to bond with their human keepers which in turn helps reduce stress and boredom.

However, before picking a parrot from the store, find one that will be compatible with you in terms of routine and maintenance, remember parrots will be stressed when isolated and will need toys to keep them busy when you step out for extended hours.


An axolotl is an example of a pet amphibian that isn’t involving when it comes to caring and the good thing about them is that their help is large scale in that many people do benefit. Amphibians will take care of pests and insects in your house and in the ecosystem limiting the spread of diseases especially in the agricultural sector, they also help prevent the spread of malaria.

Amphibians are also necessary for the food chain as either predator or prey, and when it comes to research in medicine, amphibian skin has been found to host different peptides that provide cure options for the many diseases that afflict human beings. What’s more, is that they are considered sacred in some communities and are believed to be agents of good or bad luck.

Herptiles encompasses both the reptiles and amphibians, by keeping this types of animals as pets people can offer a lot when it comes to public knowledge and especially for children, they tend to develop interest in amphibians and reptiles that could lead to a lifelong interest which could well turn into a profitable career.

And just like the other types of pets, amphibians and reptiles do feature a steep learning curve when it comes to feeding and housing but all of which are manageable and interesting.

Rodents and Mammals

The limits of owning any type of pet you want only exist in one’s mind, and when it comes to mammals or rodents the list is endless for enthusiasts. For example, they could choose from Rabbits, Hamsters, Ferrets, Squirrels, and even mice. Rodents have a lot of requirements when it comes to housing and care, adopting one can very well dig a hole into your pocket but it is actually worth it.

And unlike the cat and dog pets, rodents do have a shorter life span, and chew a lot; so you might have to be wary of hazardous materials and provide safe chewing materials as it is beneficial to their physical and mental well being. Rodents’ dietary needs feature a steep learning curve and their different forms demand special care, as some are prone to diseases, while others are sensitive to varying temperatures.

Rodents that feature bare skin are predisposed to abrasions, important to note also is that they are not intelligent like cats and dogs, and can, therefore, bite or scratch your child. To this end, you have to be very careful if you are getting them for your kids, and when it comes to keeping pet mammals it is best to first know that they are a handful

Interesting examples of mammals that you can adopt are the pigs and the pangolins that will certainly enhance your knowledge and can be turned into a profit-making niche business, as you become conversant with them.

Outdoor pets

Indoor pets spend most of their time in cages or inside the house, which is the complete opposite of the outdoor pets that spend about 90% of their time outdoors. In this category, we have the Aviary birds and Geese, the Llamas, Horses and ponies, goats and the pot-bellied pigs. The one good thing about outdoor pets is that they will keep you physically busy.

Caring for outdoor pets is not easy and neither is buying one. However, apart from the benefit of a physical exercise, you will be able to gain so much knowledge and even make a profit out of the experience of keeping horses and Geese as pets.